blue navy oil seascape by Joan Kennedy
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Hello, I’m Joan Kennedy Artist – A Staffordshire Based Artist

Here’s my journey so far ….

When I was 17 years old my art teacher said I had enough talent to become an artist. He said that I should do an art degree course. However being young and with no jobs in Ireland at that time, instead, I got “a proper job” in secretarial work.  I learned and did everything a good P.A. would need to know.

Follow Your Dream

However deep down, my love for drawing, and painting still pulled me.  My career started in Imports and Exports working down the docks at Dublin Port. At lunchtimes, you would find me sitting near the quayside with a small sketchbook and pencil. I experimented with oil paints, selling well over 40 paintings in Ireland. My colleagues would keep saying I was in the wrong job, and that I should be an artist.

Self Belief

I suppose it was lack of self-believe that stopped me. Yet everything I painted, I sold and this was with very little effort.

Moving to the U.K.

I was “imported” to the U.K. by my English husband, and I set up my own business. I am a Staffordshire based artist and decided to teach babies and toddlers through music.  I have been doing this for 17 years at http://www.littlehandsmusic.co.uk  Then in 2017 after winning some funding through Arts Connect to write and illustrate my book “The Scruffy Dog Story” I finally decided I wanted to follow my dream and be an artist.  Joan Kennedy Artist was born and I have also started doing a foundation degree in Art and Design.

My Style

I create an imaginary world of scruffy dogs, crazy chickens, mice with big dreams, and flamingos that look beautiful. Close up shots of animals such as foxes or hares, my style is vibrant, dynamic and naturalistic with a hint of abstract. Using mostly watercolour and inks I enjoy creating dynamic vibrant images for animal lovers, of wildlife and country animals. I am slowly building up different collections and excited about the future.

I am a Staffordshire based artist. My prints are high-quality giclee prints which are sought after by collectors and the general public alike. I sell directly to the public and I am always thrilled to see how my work has travelled around the world, from Hong Kong, Australia, South Africia, New York, Ireland and of course the U.K. I love when clients keep in touch and let me see where the final resting place of a piece has gone. I  feel so very grateful for this opportunity to bring a smile and make the world a better place to be. I would also encourage anyone to realise life is short, so what are you waiting for? Be brave and follow your dream like I am doing.


Joan Kennedy Staffordshire based artist
Joan Kennedy

“Thanks again Joan, It’s great, love it”  Oli

Oliver Barlow

Brilliant artist. I bought a beautiful painting for my nieces new baby she was delighted with it.
Can’t wait for Joan’s new book I will definitely be buying one or more for gifts and maybe treat myself to something too.

Annette Marnell

The Artist’s Journey