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From a very early age Joan Kennedy has loved being creative and always wanted to be an artist. She is a self taught Irish artist living in the midlands of Staffordshire with her husband, teen daughter and their three guinea pigs. She loves painting in her little art studio down the back of the garden using vibrant watercolours in her paintings which she turns into prints and giftware. 

Not confined to one particular medium, Joan enjoys painting in oils, watercolours, inks and various other types of special paints which help her create a unique style of her own. She draws her inspiration from the countryside around her, her family and friends and her love of animals. Painting seascapes in oils from memories of Ireland, to quirky watercolour animals, she is in the process of writing and illustrating her Scruffy Dog book due later this year featuring a great big scruffy dog and a mouse with big dreams.

A new puppy due in September, and starting college to do her foundation degree in learning about fine art, colour, tone she is not one to sit on her laurels but is becoming an artist to be recognised.



The Artist’s Journey