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Acid free tape …Why do you need to use it?

So, you have decided to invest in a gorgeous piece of art. Perhaps you have been saving for months. Or indeed, you have been thinking and planning where you will eventually put it. However, before you put it in it’s final resting place you have a little bit of work to do first, namely framing it.

Professional Framing is expensive I hear you cry

I met up with a client at the weekend whilst doing a fair at Trentham Makers Market and Castle Market in Newcastle. He has one of my original pieces of artwork. You might have seen the Kingfisher I posted on facebook? Anyway, we got chatting and I asked him if he had it framed yet.


His response was that he had bought a frame on the internet but was still in the process of taping it up and then would hang it on the wall.


To my horror what I soon realised was that he had planned on just putting any old tape at the back of the painting to stick it to the mount and then place it in the frame. Well, maybe not quite any old tape. He did mention framers tape, but either way that is still not the best thing to do.

If you invest in a car you take it to a garage


As I explained to him that if he were to invest in an expensive car would he just put it in any old garage? Worse still maybe try and fix it himself (especially if it needed a paint job?). Really, when you think about it, a car will probably end up on the scrap heap long before an original piece of art (or any of the high quality giclee prints  you find here on my website.


Let’s say he “got the picture”. When it comes to framing art, I think it is similar to investing in anything else that you feel has value. You need to understand the process. I’m not suggesting that you can’t frame it yourself. However, just be aware that you make sure to use proper tape. By this, I mean ensure it is acid free and archival. In the video I explain the reason why this is so important.


So in a nutshell, if you use ordinary tape the acid can damage the piece. In fact it’s disastrous to use the wrong thing. Invest in acid free tape, or better still get it framed professionally and save all the bother. A good article explaining it in more detail is here

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