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Is AI Art Really Original Art?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly in the news at the moment. I can’t help but feel a bit uneasy with it and wonder what the future holds. This is not just so much around the question of AI generated art posing a threat to original art, but to man-kind as a whole.

Is AI art really original?

I decided to ask Bard, (the new AI Google chatbot) to write a blog for me and asked “Is AI art really original?” It said that art is subjective, and what one person considers to be art, another individual may not.

Here are some other additional thoughts it came up with.

  • AI uses algorithims in a lot of cases when creating art, and this means using existing art and it effectly copies other artists work.
  • Because it uses pre-existing images, it just moves them around. However, in doing so, it is creating something new, and could be argued it is original from that perspective.
  • Because of limited data, it can be predictable and sometimes rather repetitative.

True I guess regarding art being subjective. Let’s face it sometimes pieces of art are selling for £1000s and I always feel puzzled, as I know from being an artist myself that I don’t see the attraction of some work, which to me looks like it hardly took any time to create. However, I do appreciate that some work can be created far quicker than others, in that special moment of inspiration.


Is original art under threat from AI?

This was another question I was wanting to find the answer to. I had been chatting with another small business owner last weekend whilst I was  at Treacle Market in Macclesfield. I am generally there the last Sunday of every month.

He was saying how lots of artists are worried and feeling threated that AI will take over. Maybe we will see a decline in the perceived value and demand of traditional art. This could happen as AI art will become indistinguishable from art created by artists.

AI art is often created by using images already created by an artist. Bascially in a lot of instances, it is not creating something new but merely following instructions with no creative input.


I don’t feel threatened by AI regarding my art.

One thing is for sure (and this is also confirmed by Bard), that AI is still in it’s early stages of development.  I think depending on the medium that an artist uses to create a painting it will have an impact as to whether AI will “replace” the human input.

The unpredictability of watercolour, and the skill of an artist to control it,  as it really has it’s own free will, I feel will make it difficult for a machine to create something unique.

AI Art is like a shop bought cake

I think perhaps AI with regards to art will have it’s place, but it will be a bit like a shop bought sponge cake compared to a delicious home made victoria sponge …we all love cake, but really ya can’t beat a homemade one that your grannie used to make.

Time will tell with Artificial intelligence.

As I type this blog, and listening to the BBC News in the background, it mentions how AI godfather Yoshua Bengio feels lost over his life’s work. You can read about it here.

He is one of the pioneers of artifical intelligence.  As the latest leading figure from the world of AI he said he would have prioritised safety over usefulness if he realised the pace that AI would evolve. For example according to the BBC he said that the use of the millitary should be banned.

I wonder did he realise as well, when he created this ‘intelligence” how it would affect all the artists around the globe? However, it’s not just art with need to be concerned about. There certainly is a “bigger picture” here, with first and formost the safety of humanity.


I would love your thoughts around AI regarding art.

It seems there will be a lot more blogs and information we will see on the internet through AI and small businesses won’t have a chance to be seen. If you are able to share this post, that really would be great, as it will help me get discovered perhaps in this sea of technology.


Do let me know your thoughts and get in touch.

“Your scientists were so pre-occupied
with whether they could,
they didn’t stop to think
if whether they should”

Quote Jurassic Park Movie

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