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A Decision To Be An Artist

Today I thought I would make you smile! I have a funny story for you, so pop the kettle on. Grab a brew and sit and relax with me for 5 minutes. I won’t keep you long ’cause I know you are busy. However, this will give you a laugh so bare with me. When I decided middle of last year that I wanted to set up as an artist and try and make a living from it, positive things just seemed to happen to me. Call it the universe? Or maybe just luck or goodness knows what, however, as soon as I made the decision to try and be an artist amazing opportunities seemed to start coming my way.

One major event that happened was the day I was mentored from an artist called Dean Melbourne. He came to visit little old me in my little studio. Dean is considered by many in the art world as the greatest living UK artist. He has been featured in various art magazines. Furthermore, he had a major solo exhibition earlier this year. Apparently his art was in the top 5 must see attractions in London! So picture this, bloomen hec, little old me having one to one mentoring.

It Was Like An Xfactor Moment

As you can imagine the day before he came to see me I was a nervous wreck. Every thought went through my head from OMG what if he thinks I’m rubbish, to flippen hec there’s a real live artist that sells his paintings from £10,000 upwards, has his work in London, New York and I think Japan and coming to see me! Well, there was a knock on the door, and there he was in all motorbike gear and a beaming smile. He’s a really nice guy and because of that I can understand why he is so successful with galleries. I think I would like to get my work into galleries and I can understand from Dean how it is a partnership between the artist and a gallery. I have not approached anyone as yet but watch this space!

Anyway the moment came to show him my work (like an Xfactor hold yer breath moment…you know, that moment when Simon Cowell is about to speak) and well, to say he was so enthusiastic is an understatement. He said my work was similar to Turner and that I had real talent.  He is very knowledgable and said I had raw talent and that I had natural techniques in my paintings. I guess it is through his comments and belief (and those of my family and dear friends) that has spurred me on to follow my journey and I learned a great deal from him that day.

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Original Painting by artist Dean Melbourne

An Artist Highlight

One of the high light moments during his visit was when he showed me some techniques and shared his ideas by doing a painting which I still have in my studio. His work can be seen here 

Irish Soda Bread

Ok, so here’s the funny part. I decided that since I’m Irish (and proud of that fact) that whenever someone “official” came for an art visit  I would make some of my Irish soda bread that they could take away with them. So, that morning before Dean arrived I made some bread (plus an extra loaf for me). When he was leaving, I gave him the bread to take away. After he left I decided to have some bread that evening and to my horror the inside wasn’t cooked and the outside could have sank the Titanic!!!! To this day I hope I didn’t break his teeth lol !!!  He said his was ok, but I wonder was he just trying to be polite,

If you would like to know more about my work then I am currently selling at Uttoxeter Makers Market, Wedgwood and Leek Totally Locally or get in touch to find out other fairs that I am attending.

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