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(Video) Scruffy Dog Book

Scruffy Dog Book... Scruff Dog book has finally started. The first page has now been painted. Now I am on to the next one. I "only" have about another 20 -30 paintings to do which [...]

For coaches and mentors

Run A Coach Or Mentoring  On-line Business? The Coach and Mentoring type on-line marketing businesses are rather popular nowadays. Lots are trying to be seen as experts in their field. But have you noticed [...]

Follow your dreams

The Story Behind the Mouse Painting This mouse painting has a story to tell. Yesterday was an amazing moment with the realisation that my first canvas print, the mouse painting that I had created [...]

Five Tips For Framing Your Painting - Picture Frames And Your Artwork I don't think there are any particular "rules" when it comes to having your painting framed. However, there are five tips  and [...]

Worst places to hang art in your home...   When it comes to hanging art in your home, a careful thought is needed. It needs to be well looked after and placed in the correct [...]