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Just Bloomen Do It

Just go and bloomen it do it, I said to myself yesterday. I was brave. In fact I was bloomen brave. I was scared. We don’t like rejection do we? What I did was no big deal. To you it wasn’t. To me it was.

I’m one of these people who….

Will talk to anyone because I’m interested in hearing their story, your story. (I should say more importantly I’ll listen to anyone). If I like them I’ll spend time with them. My time is precious, so I am picky who I hang out with. Sometimes I’ll only hang out with myself and the dog. I enjoy my own company. Sometimes, like anyone else,  I don’t like listening to the things I say to myself. You know that time when you say to yourself you can’t do it. Or no one will want to see…hear..listen to…. whatever it is that you want them to see …hear …listen to?  Where that teeny tiny bit of you says it’s too scary, it’s rubbish, who do you think you are?  Then the other little voice says  BE BRAVE…BE MORE…be bloomen be ….but just do it.

Bloomen Sake …

I don’t talk much here normally about my other “hat”. In addition to my art business painting pictures I also run another business. One other side of me is that I’m a self taught musician (well I dabble really ….I certainly won’t be going into the X Factor). However I write and record all my own music and I teach babies and toddlers through music in my other little business here…

Furthermore it’s strange living two different lives so to speak. At the start of the week I’m with fabulous wonderful parents, giving them tips on child development, and watching their babies and toddlers develop through music. Then the other part of the week I’m busy working on my art.

 I did Go and Bloomen Do It

It’s only taken over a year to develop, but I decided to bring  some of my paintings and coasters to show the parents in my classes.
I explained to them about my other hat, my art business that I have been trying to set up since April last year. (They didn’t know about it as I’ve been keeping it a secret.) It’s taken a long time to get to this point, with all the researching I’ve had to do (never mind actual painting!) You bear your soul when you paint, somehow. It’s not like selling I dunno, cars or telephones. Instead it’s a part of you with emotions attached. Sometimes sadness, sometimes wonder and magic and sometimes for no other reason than it’s just fun.

Here is Some of My Work

I thought I would show you too….this evening. Parents were so supportive and enthusiastic it really has inspired me to push forward past my self-doubt. One grandmother bought one of my paintings straight away. It was one that has been printed onto glass and comes framed. I’ll see if she can give me a testimonial next week, as I know it’s for her little grandson who’s scarcely a year old. Another mum bought a mouse card for her friend who is a vet. It’s lovely seeing my work going out into the world and bringing joy. That’s really what it’s all about.

Perhaps you would like to own a piece of my artwork? Or have a piece for someone special in your life?  In time the website will be updated or get in touch as exciting times ahead

Family Celebration on my First Sale

Yesterday evening we celebrated my first sale as my “proper” business name rather than as a hobby. It really give me a boost in confidence that the first time I’ve shown my work it sold. It’s made me feel that I am on the right road on my journey in becoming a “proper” artist.

I took both his lordship and junior ladyship out for a fish and chip supper to celebrate, and it felt really good that it was me paying for it rather than his lordship. It felt bloomen good 

I’ve decided from the reaction to yesterday’s blog post about inspiring quotes and how they inspire us, that I will use this quote to add to an image and if it inspires you like it does me, then job done! I’m going to have that available to purchase – watch this space 

My question to you is, what are you going to ….

Just Go and Bloomen Do?  Do post a comment and let me know.

I hope I have inspired you to face your fears?

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