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“Waiting for Christmas” 

This cat painting is inspired by a memory of my own cat.  If you have ever owned a cat with personality then you will understand my feelings. “Pepper” came into my life when I was feeling the most vulnerable. I had moved to the U.K. having given up my “old life” in Ireland to be with my husband.

However, I was desperately lonely, trying to make new friends and settle into a new country. So, we decided to take in a stray cat. He was just a very ordinary tabby male cat, and over the course of time he grew to be a rather fat ordinary tabby male cat. But I loved him.


The worst thing about owning a cat!

We saved for years for our leather three piece suite. Coming home one evening to find Pepper had decided to chase a bird around the room, and finally jumped onto our new suite, placing his claws into the leather with a mighty scratch.


The best thing about owning a cat!

His friendship, and his playfulness. Most times he would enjoy chasing the rabbit around the garden. In the evening, he would jump on my lap grabbing a warm spot and settle down for the night. He would follow me like a dog. not letting me out of site.

He is gone but not forgotten

You may wonder why I call this cat painting “Waiting For Christmas”?  Having formed such a strong bond (as explained in my video) I cannot explain why each year as I put up the Christmas tree, I can smell his scent very briefly for a moment. It’s as if he is still telling me he is still around.


This Original Watercolour Cat Painting Is For Sale

The size of this cat painting is A4. Painted on Saunders Waterford paper and comes mounted unframed.
Cost £200 plus delivery.
Contact me directly to purchase

original watercolour cat painting
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original cat painting
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