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A Watercolour Daffodil

A Watercolour Daffodil

Dreaming of being together again  “Better Days To Come” .. A watercolour daffodil. Every time I see the first yellow daffodil peek it’s head above the ground, I think the long dark winter days will soon be ending. Finally, the first flourish of...

Learn To Draw

Learn to Draw ! Stop the chaos and learn to draw. Because who would have thought in 2020 we would be in a panic for toilet rolls? With the height of the Coronavirus, most of us are probably writing out our to do list. All this free time and do all the jobs we have not...
Kitchen Art – 3 Hot Tips To Consider

Kitchen Art – 3 Hot Tips To Consider

Kitchen art, is there room for it? Well let’s face it, the kitchen is usually the place where we all like to hang out. From cooking, creating recipes, and just having a social natter, the kitchen is the main hub of the home. However, when it comes to artwork, is...
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