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Did You Know Colour Affects Our Mood?

When it comes to colour and having a peaceful happy home, it’s worth taking the advice from Julie Stevens who is an Interior Designer. Not only does she know her fen Shui from her chop suey but we were chatting about what it takes to create a beautiful home. When it comes to colour, it is very personal and affects us all.


A Day Out At Grand Designs!

I know Julie quite a while through other business social media stuff and she kindly gave me some free tickets to Grand Designs Show London where she was doing a presentation about creating a beautiful home.


One Small Problem Though…. 

If like me perhaps, you don’t particularly follow design labels as such or keep up with the latest trends you wonder where to begin?  It can be difficult to know where to start when designing a room. We don’t always have the funds or means to hire a personal designer ourselves, so I thought I would grasp every tip I could learn from Julie and pass on to you.


It’s Quality Not Quantity 

When it comes to “stuff” nowadays most of us have far too much “stuff” in our homes. There are de-cluttering books as long as your arm about getting rid of “stuff” and the effects clutter has on our mental and emotional state.


However, there is not much written about the effects of colour and how we feel. Julie is a firm believer that our environments affect how we feel, think and behave. One of the biggest influences on any environments we find ourselves in is colour. She says colour is so powerful, it can make us feel happy, sad, jealous, angry, motivated, ashamed. In fact, almost every emotion can be felt through colour.


The secret of colour according to a design expert

Julie says the secret of colour is that no one colour affects everyone the same way. Once you know your own colour personality you can influence your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.



This leads us on to art in your home

Why bother always buying mass-produced stuff? Isn’t it better to pay that little bit extra so you can have something that little bit special?


You know that feeling you get when you have something unique? Something that you won’t see in everyone else’s home? That little bit of something that makes you feel different from everyone else. That piece of quality over quantity.

It surprises me sometimes when I see the cost of a piece of mass-produced art over something that a local artist has painted. Surprisingly enough, even for those of us, that may not be able to afford the original piece, owning a gorgous high quality print can sometimes work out about the same cost as a mass-produced piece of art that you pick up on any high street store.

(It also means you are helping to keep an artist employed and their talents alive). It might even be the difference in keeping a small local gallery gift shop alive in your local town.


When you think about it for a moment, an original or limited edition print that you love, and you will look at for years and years and it will bring you pleasure and you weigh up what it has cost you, then surely it can only be an investment? (That’s not including of course how monetary wise a piece goes up in price if a new artist becomes well known).



A designers view of paintings

I asked Julie her views on paintings and she told me that once you know your colour and style personality it will be easy for you to select artwork and any other accessories for your home. You will know if you prefer watercolours, etchings, oils, landscapes or portraits. As mentioned, our environments affect how we feel, think and behave so you will have a preference for the kind of artwork you will want to see in order for you to feel a certain way, to think a certain way and to behave in a certain way. It will all be revealed in your unique colour and style personality. 

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What about your office environment?

Well, it goes without saying if you have a home office you work in, then you will work at your best if your environment, colour and visual paintings are in keeping with your personality.


It’s Not As Scary As You Think

When you are thinking of art and matching your colours to a limited edition print or indeed an original piece of art then perhaps my style of work may be just what you are looking for.

I’m happy to chat and would love to create something you will love and treasure for many years to come, so do get in touch.

Just be aware that with anything special and unique it does take time to create as it’s not mass produced and ending up as another item of “stuff” you stress to get rid of.


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