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There appears to be lots of supportive groups on line for businesses. However, I decided it would be a nice idea to start a Facebook group of people in Staffordshire that run creative businesses in arts or textiles. Word quickly got around, and this weekend  we decided to take our group from online to offline. We decided to meet up for dinner. Some of the artists are also based in Coventry. In addition, some live in the Moorlands but came together to celebrate being a creative Staffordshire business.

Creative Staffordshire Business

It was lovely to meet up with those that could make it and certainly it was a huge success as you can see from the video. Everyone was camera shy but I just thought I would point and click and see their reaction. Susan from Little Brown Dog has written a blog about everyone and what they do here

creative staffordshire business
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I agree with Susan that when we all met up it was like as if we had known each other for years and had a really nice time. We shared ideas and suggestions that might help each other to grow and our plans will be to set up something special for Christmas (watch this space).

I’ve a feeling this will be the first of many meetings and laughter and for great things to come in Staffordshire.

Some of us finished the evening with ice creams and puddings, coffee or cake. What a great way to spend an evening
What is really nice about our group is the support we give each other and encouragement to do creative things.We shared ideas and talked about different suppliers we use, or different materials we find are useful in our business. I’m looking forward to seeing where our group will take us in the coming months.

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