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The art studio needed to be organised. I’ve had one of those weeks where I just felt everything was getting on top of me. I seemed to have paintings coming into the living room and paint brushes in the kitchen, so I felt enough is enough. How can you be creative when your head is in a spin? So today I cleared the clutter and cleaned the surfaces where I paint up in the art studio.

Getting organised in that moment of overwhelm

I must admit sometimes I felt like giving up because there just seemed to be so much to organise. I have learned something about myself though through the process though. There comes a point half way (just like this 30 day blogging challenge I am currently doing) but half way I reach a point where I feel like giving up. Once I push passed that negative feeling things end up great. Maybe that’s a lesson for all of us, to never give up no matter what, and follow your dreams.

In getting organised, I did feel quite sentimental. Looking back at drawings that my daughter did when she was very young. In addition, I found a sketch that I did many years ago of my father when he was alive and it’s amazing how drawing someone and then not seeing it for years, the memories come flooding back.

Top tip in organising your children’s artwork

If you have young children and they do lots of drawing and there are lots of scrap paper around. We can’t keep every bit of paper so my tip would be to take some photographs of their work and then at least if you do need to get rid of the original masterpiece you will have the other saved on line.

I was pleased in getting some fairy lights. It makes it all warm and cosy in there now.

Anyway for now I’m falling asleep and tomorrow will be a new day for art.

Bye for now

Joan x

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