Worst places to hang art in your home…


When it comes to hanging art in your home, a careful thought is needed. It needs to be well looked after and placed in the correct area of the home – there are some areas in your home that are the worst place to hang your art. It is so important that you get it right, otherwise you have made this huge investment not only in money and energy but also your time too. Getting that ideal piece of art and not looking after it will be a sad day indeed.  The feeling you get when you bring home that piece. You are excited to have it hanging there glorious for all to see.

The last thing anybody would want would be for the art work to get damaged; if it is an original piece of art, it is completely unique and there is never a complete one like it – nobody wants something like that to get damaged. Ruined and cannot ever be replaced – even the most talented artist is unable to paint exactly the same painting ever again. The brush strokes will never be the same, the consistency and colours mixed can never be the same again. As you can understand, nobody wants it to get damaged which means keeping it out of harms way – but do not be afraid!! It doesn’t mean putting it in the attic never to be seen again to avoid any damage, just little precautions that can go a long way.

So based on all that, isn’t it logical to find out as much as you can about where you can and cannot hang an original piece of art or a print? Careful thought now and looking after it, will bring many years of happiness to not only you, but the next generation after that.
You may find it highly amusing at the part where my mind goes blank trying to think of the word Feng shui – I unfortunately keep calling it Ying Yang haha, enjoy




Have You Got Original Art?

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