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Our kitchens are usually the main hub of our home.  From cooking, creating recipes, and just having a social natter, it probably is the place we spend a lot of time. However, when it comes to artwork, is the kitchen really the place to hang it?



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How does art make you feel?

Research has shown that art can make us feel calm, and it brings us joy even subconsciously. However, depending on the image,and most importantly the colour, it can also make us feel energised.

So of course, the answer to artwork in the kitchen has to be an absolute resounding yes. However, a word of caution to the wise., the kitchen with it’s steamy atmosphere can play havoc to kitchen art. So, ensure you take these tips on board.

1. Protection 


This is probably the most important consideration. Ensure your piece of art is well protected against steam and the humidity caused through cooking. In fact, you are probably better not to risk your most favourite piece of art for the kitchen, just to be safe. However, professionally framed, and perhaps covered with non-reflective glass should ensure your art has a very good chance of surviving. 

However, don’t forget the back of the frame. Certainly for high humidity such as kitchens, you will need to ensure the back is sealed with framer tape. This is only something I have discovered recently myself.  It’s probably worth buying some which you can get easily on Amazon here.



2. Size

Consider the size of the piece of artwork in relation to the size of your kitchen. No point in having a piece that will overpower the whole room.




3. Window Art?

Kitchen art doesn’t have to be just reserved for walls. Think about window sills, kitchen shelves and open cabinets. Above all, enjoy, be brave and experiment with colour. I suppose it’s a bit like cooking. Not every meal is perfect first time; but you can cook up some tasty meals with practice.





Check out this vibant image such as this cockerel which can be purchased here in various sizes. It is sure to add colour and a talking point in any kitchen

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For more tips on the correct way to hang your kitchen artwork, or indeed artwork in any room, grab these juicy tips here

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