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Learn to Draw !

Stop the chaos and learn to draw. Because who would have thought in 2020 we would be in a panic for toilet rolls? With the height of the Coronavirus, most of us are probably writing out our to do list. All this free time and do all the jobs we have not had time to do. From painting to gardening, the house will never look better.

Learn to Draw - leave the to do list behind
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But what about learning to draw?

Yes, seriously have you ever thought of taking up a hobby and learn to draw? We are all operating in a crisis mode at the moment. So for instance, instead of rushing to try and do all these “jobs” take some self care. Above all, make it a priority to focus on your mental health, your physiological and safety needs at the moment.

When you draw it helps distract you from stressful situations.

Studies show that drawing is great for our mental health and wellbeing. Let’s face it more than ever we need to distract ourselves from this crazy world at the moment. Perhaps this will be a new hobby you will come to really enjoy and progress to watercolour. Like any new skill it takes time just like my struggle with painting a watercolour stag but it is well worth sticking with it.

Here’s a short video I created with some quick tips to get you started.

I would really appreciate if you could share this video. Moreover, perhaps it will help someone else find calm in the chaos

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