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The Mouse Painting

This mouse painting has a story to tell. Yesterday was an amazing moment with the realisation that my first canvas print, the mouse painting that I had created was actually going to Hong Kong to live, and another was heading to London. They were both bought by a grandmother, and she wanted to give the canvas to her little grandson, and the glass version of the mouse painting was going to her home in Hong Kong. I’ve learned that my paintings will create their own story. My paintings are like my children that I send out to the world. Each painting story is not really about me but rather the joy and your story that it tells along the way. Every painting has its own story to tell.

The Mouse Painting, Arriving in London…

This print going to London will go into a little boy’s bedroom. His name is Olly and his young parents are moving into their new place there. It’s a scary time for them, as his young mum has just finished Uni and will be starting on her journey in finding a job. She will be trying to make new friends. She will be in a city that she will not know many people if any at all. Olly has only just turned one recently.

He will grow up, waking up each morning early (as young babies toddlers do) and no doubt he will be laying in his cot looking at this painting. Perhaps as Olly grows up, there will come a time when he feels that he’s not a baby any more. Maybe he will want action men images or latest anime posters, or whatever will be the trend in ten, fifteen years from now. After all what teen lad will want a mouse painting in a cool guys bedroom?

Paintings represent what’s in our hearts

However, mum will want that painting of that little mouse. Possibly by then it will travel into the home office. Perhaps the family will have move to a bigger house. No doubt the mouse will still have pride of place, well certainly in her heart he will. Why? Because it will remind her of what it symbolised for her.

That little mouse will remind her of when her boy was her little baby, her little mouse. It will remind her too of when she was a little mouse. When she was scared of the journey ahead and starting her new life in London and how far she has come as a mum. Perhaps by then she will have had more children too and mouse will have moved into their younger child’s room?

Day’s Gone By…

This mouse painting will also remind her of her own mum who gave it to her as a special parting gift before she went back to Hong Kong. For me I know only too well the pain she will go through saying good bye to her mum. That pain cuts like a knife believe me; although my mam lived “just across the water” in Dublin, and sadly has long passed away as has my dad,  it still felt so very far away.

I couldn’t just pop in and have a cuppa, and like Olly’s mum I too had a young daughter and knew no one over here in the U.K. It is horrible and I hated saying good bye when I visited my family and friends and had to fly back to the U.K; I was very close to both my parents and I so miss them dearly. Oh how I wish I could just pick up the phone and tell them of my journey so far as an artist.

All Grown Up….

There will be a time that Olly will grow up, perhaps go to Uni and then at some stage settle down and have a family of his own. I wonder will he turn to his mum and say “remember that old painting that I had as a baby. Where is it?”

Hopefully it will be safe. (I have explained to his mum how to take care of it, so no doubt it will either be in the office or perhaps stored away in the loft. (By then perhaps they will have moved to a larger home in London, or wherever. ) Or perhaps by now they will have moved to Hong Kong?

Either way the mouse painting will have a story of it’s own. Their story, in their heart. Perhaps he will be ready to show himself again to Olly’s child.

Mouse Painting in Hong Kong…

I wonder too what story the mouse will have in Hong Kong. He will remind Olly’s grand mother of the great bond between them, and the journey she too will go on becoming a grand mother.  I wonder will the mouse will be around for Oily when he is a grand father. By then I will have long gone, but each painting is sent out to the world with love, and to make the world a better place to be.

The Mouse Painting and I

When I went to the professional framer last week he asked me what was the name of the painting. Oh goodness I hadn’t thought of a name. Do I call it ‘Mouse on the Moon’? The framer said give it a deeper meaning and suggested “Bigger Things”.  Of course, this is what it had come to mean to me too. So this is the official name of this painting, as it symbolises how we all strive for bigger things. We are all mice that have big dreams each and every one of us. We all have to learn to be brave and be the best we were meant to be.

My big dream is to give more joy through my art, so more people can see and have a little mouse in their world. It would be wonderful to have a sole exhibition or be featured in a dead posh gallery somewhere. You’re all invited!!!

Perhaps my little mouse painting can be a symbol of hope to remind people not to give up on their dreams.

Perhaps it will be treasured and passed down one generation to another.

You can read more about what happens to the mouse in Hong Kong here

What is your dream? I do hope you don’t give up on it  Joan x

 Would You Like To Own A Piece Of The Magic?

If you would like to own a mouse of your own as a reminder to follow your dream, he comes as a print, glass worktop saver, and a coaster.

Just message me for more details or come find me at one of the artisan markets

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