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Inspiration through Quotes Inspiring quotes are always necessary on a rainy day. You can find them in the most unlikely places at the most unlikely time. I called into my local gift shop in the  high street this afternoon. The sheer relief on my daughter’s face after finally finishing her GCSEs today was a picture indeed.  She decided to buy some teachers presents to give them on her last day at school. It’s one of those quaint little shops with all sorts of lovely little gifts. Lots of candles, jewellery, greeting cards, as well as some lovely little one off pieces for friends or new baby gifts or weddings. You know the sort of shop I’m talking about I’m sure.

Lovely Ceramic Hearts …

What caught my eye were these lovely little ceramic hearts. It’s something I have been thinking of venturing into although without having a kiln I’m not too sure how to go about it. I live in Staffordshire which is the home of the pottery as this part of the world is famous for the different pottery and ceramics around these parts. They even have pottery factory shops in Stoke On Trent and china and glassware etc., although I don’t go there very often. I had bought one of these little hearts a while back now. This quote I have hanging on my door reads

“Laugh Often, Talk Much, Sit Long”

This is something to be mindful of isn’t it? How often we let time pass by so quickly without just taking stock of how much of our lives we actually make a point of doing. Of laughing, talking and sitting, spending time with people. Life is very short and we want to look back and make sure most of our life is filled with joy. The other ceramic heart that I took a photo of (which you see here) made me smile. I wish in a way I had bought it now. (I had already spent all my money on three teachers presents so not meant to be.) I took a photo of the heart and the reason it made me smile, was not only are the words really meaningful and something to think about on a daily basis but it brought back a memory. 

Road Trip Around the States

Last year I went on a road trip with hubby and daughter. We flew into New York and then hired a car and travelled to Long Island, and then to Martha’s Vineyard. (That was interesting because when we arrived there it was President Obama’s birthday and Bill Clinton was there celebrating it too.) All the security guards were standing at the end of his drive looking very cool with their black sunglasses and their big black cars. Looked like a scene out of Men In Black. There’s me on this tiny little island with two presidents…lol!!.  We then made our way to Boston, Niagara Falls, and finally back to New York. We stopped off on a remote island en route somewhere.There in a beach log cabin, with palm trees everywhere was a tiny shop selling little wooden quotes and sure enough this quote was written down. According to his lordship it’s a quote from Winnie The Poo. I love it and I think I will somehow create a piece of art with those words on it. What do you think? Good idea or not?  

What Quotes Inspire You?  ….What’s Your Favourite?

Do Let me Know ….   Joan x

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