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Bee Print “Betty Bee”


This bee print of “Betty Bee” will leave you energised as you wake and sit with your morning coffee. With her vibrant colours, she will surely bring a smile to the start of your day.  Lovingly created in the U.K. to uplift your spirit and mood.

With a sense of luxury, this gorgeous bee print comes beautifully mounted and gallery printed on acid-free archival heritage watercolour paper. Optional white frame can also be arranged







Bee Print

This bee print is taken from the original watercolour piece which I have called Betty Bee. It has been gallery printed onto heritage watercolour paper and it comes mounted, with the option of white gallery framed that I can arrange.

The inspiration for this piece was when saving a bee as she needed a long sweet drink. So, down in the studio in my back garden I decided to create this vibrant piece. I love bees and enjoying watching them amongst the wild flowers that I have planted in my back garden.

  • Framed Square print 30cm x 30cm - frame 50cm x 50cm
  • Large framed square print 50cm x 50cm  - frame 60cm x 60cm

This bee print has been printed in a gallery, and is a giclee print, which is often favoured by collectors as it will not fade, but last a life time. Also, the colours are so vibrant, it is almost difficult to tell the print from the original piece. It has been created with lots of inks, vibrant blues, reds and yellows to bring enjoyment for many years to come.

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