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Stag table mat in progress

Here’s a sneak peek of a stag in progess. I’ve been thinking a stag table mat range might be nice to develop. I’ve been busy in the back ground creating a series of stags and wildlife, which will be launched later in the year.

Although it may seem unnecessary to have tablemats, and only showcase them for dinner parties, they are important in protecting your dining table. With the heat from your plate, this can have an adverse effect on the woodgrain of your table and cause it to have heat marks which are unsightly.

Placemats can be made from a variety of different materials. However, the faux leather I have seen recently looks really nice and luxurous. It is also easy to clean, so I am excited to be able to show you later in the year, once I get the complete range of wildlife finished.

Talking of which, I had better go back and carry on with this stag painting.  

However, before I go I’ll just mention my VIP list. Make sure you sign up so I can keep in touch so you’ll be the first to know once this range is available and you can have that bit of luxury on your dinning table. You can grab my free ebook as a thank you for your email address. Don’t worry, I only email once or at most twice a month. You can find the link here

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