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I am always thrilled when people keep in touch after they have bought one of my paintings. Or indeed any piece of artwork. One piece had gone to Hong Kong and you can read about the journey


I was thrilled to read the next chapter of the painting when I received the following email. For me, my journey as an artist will be to go to China next month on an export mission. In Hong Kong, the journey has now continued as follows. Here is her email…..

Hi Joan
Just updating you on the story of the little mouse with big dreams.
Well, Ollie is now 3.5 years old and is going to pre school now. Next  year his parents will be looking into primary schools for him.
The painting is now living in his playroom and the mouse keeps him company. Ollie plays with his kitchen,  his garage and other toys that little boys collect throughout their Christmases and birthdays.
The glass version sits on my corridor wall in Hong Kong.  It reminds me of my year that I took a sabbatical to look after my daughter and Ollie in his first year. I’m feeling blessed that she got a 2:1 in her history degree and now working in London in her dream career.
So big dreams do works.
Take care.

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