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Meet Joan

Professional Fine Artist, illustrator & author

Creating artwork to make the world a better place. It’s always lovely when people contact me to chat about my art.  Do get in touch via the contact page if you would like to more about my work.


Joan Kennedy Artist
Joan Kennedy in studio

Hello and Welcome




I guess if you are looking for a practical down to earth artist then you have come to the right place. Writely or wrongly I don’t do academic art speak, but instead straight talking and passionate about my work. I absolutely love great conversations, and can spend all day listening and communicating with people who inspire me.

My love for animals in all their textures and glory has led me down this path of creation. I’m passionate about the beauty of animals and care deeply about their plight and survival.

Working down the docks of Dublin shipping port, I would spend time sketching, painting and selling my work to colleagues in the office.  

However, painting stopped when I moved to the U.K. and 19 years were spent in my business at  teaching babies and toddlers through music. I knew deep down though I should continue to paint which I did occasionally. Finally, the pull was too strong, and I decided to take the plunge to pursue a career in art and go back to my love of painting and creating in 2017.

The academic route was not for me although I did spend a year studying towards an Art and Design degree in Leek College. I work from my rural studio in the Midlands of the U.K. 

I intend to continue to create new exciting work which is yet to unfold. Watch this space as I am unstoppable.

The Artist’s Journey

Hangzhou China Award

Selected by Nottingham City Council as 1 of 10 businesses to go on a fully funded trip to Hangzhou Expo China 2018.


Hangzhou creative 2019
Creative Expo
Expo 2019 Hangzhou

Ningbo China Best Exhibit Award

Selected again as 1 of 6 business to go on a funded export exhibiton to Ningbo Expo China 2019 and awarded best exhibit award

Samantha with award
Joan Kennedy
Joan Kennedy on t.v. China
Ningbo Expo 2019
Ningbo Expo 2019
Ningbo 2019

Hangzhou China Award 2019

Selected by Nottingham City Council as 1 of 10 businesses to go on a fully funded Export Trade Mission to Hangzhou Expo China 2019.

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