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Dreaming of being together again 

“Better Days To Come” ..

A watercolour daffodil.

Every time I see the first yellow daffodil peek it’s head above the ground, I think the long dark winter days will soon be ending. Finally, the first flourish of spring time is just about to happen. Meanwhile, the swallows will return and the black bird will start to build it’s nest again.

This time, however it is different and further reflected in this watercolour daffodil. I gaze from my studio at the wild birds in my garden amongst the spring flowers. This time, it’s not just anticipation of warm sunny days and clear blue skies. It is not just watching shapes in the clouds or picnics by the sea. It will be the sheer moment of complete ecstasy knowing I can hug my family and friends and free from this Covid19 virus once and for all.

This painting of a watercolour daffodil with it’s delicate colourful yellow petals comes straight from that moment in time. 

watercolour daffodil in situ

Daffodil painting shown in situ to showcase how it might look. Note this is a mock up and for exact dimensions and colours see main post

“Better Days To Come”

Contemporary original watercolour painted on Saunders Waterford fine archival paper.
Using only the finest quality materials for maximum longevity.
It comes unframed and unmounted.
Your artwork comes complete with a signed certificate of authenticity.

37cm x 28cm   14.9 inch x 11 inch


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“I wandered Lonely As A Cloud” 

In 1804 this poem was written by the Romantic poet William Wordsworth. It tells of his journey in encountering some “dancing daffodils” and lingering in the moment. However, he does not realise at the time of the positive effect but in his solitude he often thinks back on that moment with joy. You can read this lovely poem and learn more about it here  I hope this image that I have created will have the same effect and bring happiness to those that gaze upon it.

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