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Finally my illustrated children’s book called The Scruffy Dog Story has launched and available to buy via Amazon.  If you want to find out more please click the link below which will take you to Amazon, and then come back to this page as there are lots of  lovely bonus offers that I want to give you including two ebooks to support your child’s learning.  After all this is no ordinary book!

If you already have purchased the book, thank you so much.

It means so much to me, and I very much hope you and your child (or recipient, nursery school) will enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed creating it. It has taken two years in the making, with many edited words, and self doubt and new paintings, and ripped up work and started, and restarted, oh and sometimes tears thinking it might never happen.

I have written two ebooks for you to access as part of the bonus. This is to support your child’s development in a fun way. I have been teaching babies and toddlers through music for nearly 17 years and helping parents with their child’s development. As well writing all the lesson plans, and recording the music, I have done classes for East Staffordshire Council too. You may like to check out how I have helped hundreds of children through my music classes here

Please enter your details below, including your Amazon order number from your “The Scruffy Dog Story” purchase, and you will received access straight away to downloads to unlock your child’s development through fun, with further ideas to help children’s imagination, plus for a limited time period selected gifts from friends of Scruffy Dog.


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Felicity and Sebastian LOVE the Scruffy Dog!
Bedtime story two nights in a row!


girl reading the scruffy dog story by Joan Kennedy

Want to see a really short video about my journey at the start of Scruffy Dog? Click below